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PLANT LED Lifegard® Ultra-Slim Plant LED Light

Cool running Energy- efficient LED aquarium light fixture provides excellent general-purpose lighting for freshwater and planted aquariums. 6500K LED’s deliver full spectrum and light intensity capable of underwater plant growth.


Lighting features three-mode ON/OFF switch (Daytime, Red Spectrum and OFF positions) so you can manually transition from daylight to red spectrum light conditions with ease. Sizes from 18” up to 42” with adjustable metal brackets, Waterproof Touch Control Light Switches, Power Cord and Hanging Clips.


Product Specifications

PLANT LED    Lifegard Ultra-Slim Plant LED Light

Part No. Description Length Width Depth White LEDs Blue LEDs Color Temp Lumens Power Adapter
R800056 18” Ultra Slim Plant 18-24” 3.38” .65” 54 27 6500K 378 Type1
R800057 24” Ultra Slim Plant 24-30” 3.38” .65” 72 36 6500K 504 Type1
R800058 30” Ultra Slim Plant 30-36” 3.38” .65” 90 45 6500K 630 Type1
R800059 36” Ultra Slim Plant 36-42” 3.38” .65” 108 54 6500K 756 Type1