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Product Detail

Uno, Duo, Trio® Pond Pump/Filter Kits

Complete with Quiet One Pump and Fountain Spray Attachment with leveling fitting to keep fountain spray straight and vertical if pond bottom is uneven.

Multi-chambers filter out pollutants through mechanical and biological means. Features 2-stage high capacity mechanical filtration, (2 types of sponges) while biological media is safely contained inside sturdy material. Available in single, double or triple capacity.


For use in small, medium or large size ponds, water gardens or fountains.

Lifegard Adjustable Spray Heads for All-In-One Pond Filters & Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filter Kits




Product Specifications

Uno, Duo, Trio Filter/Pump Kits

Part No. Model Pump Voltage Pond Size
R440021 UNO KIT Q1 2200 115V / 50Hz Up to 1000 Gallons
R440022 DUO KIT Q1 3000 115V / 50Hz Up to 1500 Gallons
R440023 TRIO KIT Q1 4000 115V / 50Hz Up to 2000 Gallons
R440024 Add-On Cartridge Build Uno or Duo higher. Simply snap on to increase filter capacity
R440026 Uno Replacement Sponge Set
R440028 13 Watt UV Sterilizer Kit Upgrade your filter to include a UV Sterilizer. Complete easy to install kit shipped direct from the factory.