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Chemical Filter Modules


  • Large Capacity Carbon Chamber
  • Single capacity holds 7.3 oz.(207 grams) Lifegard Pelletized Carbon.
  • Double capacity holds 15.6 oz. (442 grams) Lifegard Pelletized Carbon.
  • Triple capacity holds 24.4 oz. (692 grams) Lifegard Pelletized Carbon.
  • Can be used as a Biological Chamber when filled with the proper media that provides surface area for beneficial bacterial growth.
  • No channeling. 100% of water passes through media.
  • More than one module can be plumbed together for different media.
  • Automatically vents air out of unit.
  • Removable chamber allows easy media replacement and pre-rinsing
  • Carbon can be easily prerinsed while inside chamber.
  • Holds a variety of filter substances such as Zeolite, Ion Exchange Resins or other biological media



Product Specifications


Part No. Model No. Inlet Port Outlet Port Height Aquarium Size
R179310 F-93 3/4″/1″ FPT 3/4″/1″ FPT 14″ 100 Gal
R179320 F-93-19 3/4″/1″ FPT 3/4″/1″ FPT 23 3/4″ 200 Gal
R179330 AF-93-29 3/4″/1″ FPT 3/4″/1″ FPT 33 1/2″ 300 Gal


Inlet Port 3/4″/1″ FPT. Outlet Port 3/4″/1″FPT.
Port size dimensions listed are pipe size. SLIP = PVC solvent socket type fittings.
Recommended aquarium sizes are approximate. In many cases, single, double and triple capacity modules can be used with great success in higher volume applications.
All slip models of Lifegard Mechanical, Chemical, Heater, and UV Sterilizers include 3/4″ threaded reducing bushings in the package if threaded installation is desired.