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LIFEGARD® Mighty Mag Aquarium Algae Cleaner

Lifegard® Mighty Mag aquarium algae cleaner is the simplest and easiest solution to effectively remove algae from your glass aquarium. This cleaner is designed for any size aquarium and can be discreetly hidden when not in use even in the smallest Nano aquariums. User-friendly grip designed for a relaxed and comfortable feel. The combination of an Efficient Scrubber and a Powerful Magnet allows the user to easily move the inside scrubber and follow the outside handle while using the least amount of force. The scrubber falls straight down after separation.

*Maximum thickness of the glass is 10mm/1cm/0.39″


Product Specifications

Might Mag Aquarium Algae Cleaner

Part No. Description
R270914 Aluminium Magnetic Algae Scrub Brush for Nano Aquariums