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Tarpon® Pond Filter System

Designed for Heavy Fish Loads and High Flow Rates

Mechanical and biological filtration in a one piece fiberglass tank delivering superior strength and durability.

Includes new High Flow Lateral System, designed specifically for ponds and will not clog. Six Position Hi-Flow Valve controls all functions of Filter, Waste, Backwash, Closed, Rinse and Recirculate.


Bio-Mate Media BallsBio-Mate Media Balls

Supplied with the Tarpon Pond Filters for excellent mechanical filtration while also providing maximum surface area with the greatest possible mix of air and water. Cultivates nitrifying bacteria, promotes gas exchange, increases dissolved oxygen level and removes harmful gases. High surface area will not clog with organic matter.



Product Specifications

Includes Multiport Valve, High Flow Pond Laterals and 1” Bio-Mate® Media

Part No. Description DPM Height Diameter
R440640 Tarpon 40 Pond Filter with BioMate media 40 37 “ 19 1/2″
R440642 Tarpon 60 Pond Filter with BioMate media 60 42 1/2″ 24 1/2″
R440643 Tarpon 100 Pond Filter with BioMate media 100 47 1/4″ 30 1/2″
150086A Skeleton Laterals (convert your sand filter into a pond filter)

Pump Sold Separately